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Q What can you offer my company that my marketing dept. can't offer me ?

A you2us combines experience with technology, generating genuine sales opportunities from a total different point of view.

We are specialised in designing engagement programmes, which will help companies like yours, to generate a pipeline of quality sales opportunities in the most cost effective way.
Whether we are delivering a low-volume "stand alone" cold calling campaign or an "on-going" high-volume programme as part of an integrated marketing strategy, we do have the experience that will maximise the return from your sales and marketing resources.

Q Will contacting my clients keep them from running away ?

A Yes it will, allthough some companies / marketeers are cynical about the use of the telephone in the marketing mix. Possibly because they have received a poor sales call themselves or used telephone marketing unsuccessfully in the past.
Effective phoning for instance is about using the right resources, a winning proposition and quality data. The telephone can help you build vital data to improve targeting and the response from mail shots, improve the productivity of your sales force by getting them in the right place at the right time with the right contact and help you better understand your audience and gain a direct response to your proposition.

Our tele-marketing experience would help you to create sales leads and convert these leads into orders through your direct or indirect sales force.
Tele-marketing service will add value to every stage of the sales process. As well as the quality leads which are generated, we will continually be reviewing the success of the proposition delivery to refine and improve conversion rates over time. We will also measure and monitor other factors key to a successful programme from gauging prospects reactions to fulfilment material, to understanding the selection criteria when sales are made. We will make recommendations and work with you to deploy new tactics to improve your Return on Marketing Investment .
Using our trained and multi-lingual tele-marketing staff, we are able to cover all of Europe, talking the mother tongue language of your prospects and customer.
With an optimally designed, targeted campaign or ongoing programme, you can make a fast and significant impact on your customer base. These programmes will also help you measure a customer's individual value. Singly or in combination, each programme will help you increase customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer value.

Q Is the telemarketing solution the only 'thing' you've got ?

A No, surely not. At you2us we have detailed solutions to fit your current needs. We can help you get more customers, make them more valuable and keep them longer.
you2us aims to give our customers a full service beginning with targeting the right people and ending with measuring the success of the program.

Q How do we get in touch ( or stay in touch )?

A There are several ways to get in touch ( like the contact page ), of course you can bookmark this page and there is the newsletter ( we will start sending to subscribers & is available online only ).

Q Why is 'monthly matters' only online available ?

A You2us doesn't want to spam you ( but that's not the main reason ). Think about the n° of newsletters you get daily, weekly, monthly ! How many of them do you actually read ? Why is that you think ? Our newsletter wil contain content with the WIIIFM * -factor , but you'll have to read it at our site. Yes, perhaps it is old-fashioned, but we don't care as long as we can tease your interest.

* What's in it for me.

Q How do we proceed ?

A We first start by setting the strategy. This is often delivered in a workshop format where we discuss and agree the campaign objectives, target audience, proposition, deliverables and logistics, programme communication and timing. At this meeting we would also agree Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators, which would be key measurements throughout the program.
We can use every type of database to deliver precisely what the programme requires and also have access to high quality databases. Once we have the right list, a fully written brief for our telephone team is then developed, we like to involve the client in these design sessions to ensure the most appropriate message is applied. Throughout the programme we ensure that the required quality and quantity of results are achieved. In the first essential two days of calling, we closely monitor the work in order to identify and resolve any issues, which may be barriers to success.
We believe it is essential to keep in close contact with our clients every day on the progress of a programme. Deal directly with the people making your calls. We will encourage you to come and hear their work and add value where possible. We keep you updated with our work and results on a daily and weekly basis.
Leads are emailed right away ( as well as at the end of projects ), and clients receive a detailed report of all calling activity.
Next step will be that you will receive recommendations for further programmes and improvement. At the end of every project we send a satisfaction form so you can rate our work. We use your answers to improve our performance... you2us !

Q What about ROI ?

A Intriguing question ! Especially if you know that according to a survey ( KPMG ) 89% of respondents from organizations said that customer information was extremely crucial to the success of their business. Almost, half( 43% ), could not identify the principal causes of customer churn. And 83% of these respondents put identification and retention of profitable customers as their first marketing objective.

Marketing return on investment studies prove that tele-marketing is the most efficient way to generate demand for products or services. With the increasing demands being placed on sales and marketing budgets, many managers outsource some or all of their outbound sales calls.
Outbound lead generation combines skilled tele-services staff with a database to promote products and services in the most cost effective manner. The data usually originates from a purchased list or from a company's own standard response management activities, such as inbound calls, tradeshow leads or advertising responses.

Q What happens with the leads, game over again?

A The leads are normally qualified against the companies own specified criteria ( whether the contact has Budget, Authority, a Need and a Timescale for the project to be implemented ) .
Lead grading into 'gold', 'silver' and 'bronze' sales opportunities wil help us defining the score and ensures us the producing of well-qualified, quality sales leads.
To make the most impact, outbound lead generation is typically part of an integrated marketing campaign, but can also be used as a stand-alone effort.
Some of the areas where outbound lead generation can most benefit a company include qualifying leads, prospecting for new customers, setting appointments, tele-sales, re-qualification, did-you-buy audits, reactivating lost accounts, event support, channel recruitment and management.

Q Our service/product has a very long lead time and is very specialised, does you2us cover a solution for that too?

A Long sales cycles are great challenges,... ( although boring for the high-volume projects ).

So, if your sales force is focused on near-term opportunities, how do you avoid losing contact with those prospects that show promise of purchasing in the long term?
You2us can prevent these long-term prospects from evaporating from your sales pipeline. Not everyone who intends to buy intends to buy now. It is important to have a program in place to nurture prospects by re-contacting them throughout an extended period of time - via telephone calls and emails.
You2us uses highly trained tele-services staff to encourage prospects through an ongoing lead qualification process. Companies selling products or services that are high-ticket items or have long sales cycles can benefit from "tele-nurturing".
you2us uses the discribed ways and lead scoring approach called the "5 states of sales readiness" model to manage your prospects:
Inition: Early learning stages of understanding the product category
Evaluating: Understands the benefits of the product category, is learning more and researching available products
Decision: Ready to consider and purchase
Top of mind: Ready to engage in a purchase dialogue but cannot due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. budget freeze)
Dead / lost: No value - no perceived value of benefits or are 'lost' to a competitor

Q Why use the phone when we have e-mail? Why not mail them?

A The telephone is an immediate contact tool to target any country in any language. More sales- and marketing professionals are recognising the benefits of delivering their calls in one place at one time while covering many geographical locations. But the most appropriate way to contact your client, suiting your specific project will be discussed in our project planning
Country/privacy laws will be respected in all projects.

Q Where are you located ?

A you2us is 100 % BB ( Belgium-based ) and fluent multilingual. Our staff & partners are able to understand individual country cultures and what will be the most successful approach. They are able to translate client propositions into their own language - and make it easily understood in any country by creating an ongoing relationship via the telephone, fax and internet, enable & improve your quality of service and increase customer loyalty, during all stages of the customers' lifecycle?
High standards in customer care will be the main issue in doing business with your clients.

Our ultimate goal is driving your sales , meanwhile showing you the benefits of structured & integrated campaigns.

Q so, what are you waiting for ?
A Click her for the free proposal and let's get started NOW.

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-We appreciate it if you can spare 2 "you2us" minutes to tell us whether you found the information here to be insufficient or if there are any other unanswered questions.
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