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Blue print consulting

you're not ready yet for a full fledged session of "take in" and "high-lighting of actions to take to envolve clients' customer life cycle". No problem.
We do understand our customers, ( it' our job remember? ) your reaction fits in the "what's to be expected ?"-dilemma, but You2us does have a viable solution for you.
We will set up a one hour, one-on-one consultation, in which you can ask me ( personally ) questions in relation to whatever marketing issues.
If you want me to review an idea, give a second opinion, review your newsletter, mailing, website, your advertising, or just brainstorm about anything business-related, this is your thing.

Tell me how...
First I need your commitment, so I expect from you:
a mail, with questions, ( lots of them and I'll be glad to help you solve).
a time and a date ( and I'll be there ).
by the way; The questionaire doesn't mean we have to stick to those questions in the blue print consultation. Like everything you2us does, the hour will be solid.

Well, If you don't get substantial ideas, or if you don't feel satisfied about the service You2us offered, hold your check, just don't pay me!
That's an absolute guarantee. I personally want you to find extremely good value in the "blue print".
So challenge me for exceedingly good value!

Your companies' investment will be € 25O per consulting session . I hear you think... that's expensive, think again. It runs both ways...
It's fully guaranteed, and only one idea, (and I promise you'll get a few) can generate ten times the money you put down. Off course, it's all your choice.
Life is all about taking risks and moving ahead.

Due to a busy schedule of working with clients committed to really taking their business to the next level, it is only possible for me to work with highly motivated people, that's why I want the commitment / questionaire. So, if you're just filling up both our agenda's, I'm sorry, in that case I'm not the one to help you.

If you're ready to go for it, I'd be really glad to hear from you!
please email

( please if you mail, state a little bit of info about 'You' to Us )




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